Vision, Purpose and Values

The CCSA Strategic Plan 2019-2021 is now available to download here.

The Strategic Plan outlines our organisational goals for the next 3 years, provides a summary of the approach we will take to achieve those goals, and explains how we will measure outcomes.

The Plan has been prepared in line with our Vision, Purpose and Values, and focuses on:

  • Well supported and resourced early childhood services
  • CCSA advocacy, support and resources informed by contemporary research, data and evidence
  • Effective organisational Governance and Management
  • Recruitment, support and investment  in leadership and good governance practices.

Our vision …

CCSA’s vision is for best practice management in early childhood education and care.

Our purpose …

CCSA will partner with and advocate for early childhood education and care services to ensure positive outcomes for children and communities. CCSA will achieve this through providing leadership and using our expertise in meeting the governance, management, human resource, business and industrial needs of early childhood education and care settings. CCSA will behave in an ethical, sustainable, flexible and innovative way.

Our values …


Best practice in governance and service delivery


Consideration and regard for all people and organisations with whom we work


Drawing strength from the diversity of our membership and those we work with


Being progressive and innovative


Positive internal and external engagement and working relationships


Behave ethically in all relationships; we are socially responsible and aim to be environmentally sustainable


Together we acknowledge the contributions of the traditional custodians of this land. We acknowledge the contribution of Aboriginal Australians, Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Aboriginal Australians to the education and care of all children and people in this country in which we live and share.



Tailored Information

Tailored Information

The way you manage and operate your service is unique. We have the experience and knowledge to identify and address issues specific to your service and provide you with the relevant information.

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Peace of mind

Peace of mind

You can be confident that the information you are receiving is current and compliant We give you peace of mind and assurance that you are meeting all your legal and regulatory obligations  –  freeing you to focus on delivering quality services to children.

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You can overcome isolation and keep in touch with what’s happening in the early childhood education and care sector by becoming  a part of CCSA’s network of members.

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