On-demand Training

CCSA training and development is delivered by experts with sector experience and extensive skills in training and assessment.
All activities are available in our “standard” format, or can be “customised” to meet service specific opportunities or issues and the particular outcomes you hope to achieve. We also offer customised options to choose two topics to be delivered in a 6 hour session.
3 hour session
$1250 for up to 10 participants.
$30 per head for each additional participant up to a maximum of 20 participants.
All prices include GST. Travel costs are additional.
Additional costs will apply to “customised”‘ training and development activities. These will be discussed with you when we receive the additional information requested in the booking form.

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Standard Training

How to Prepare and Manage a Budget

Time: 3 Hours

Preparing a detailed, well researched budget is an essential tool to ensure sound financial management. An effective budgeting process enables planning and decision making and provides a picture of opportunities and threats to service delivery.

In this session we will look in-depth at budget preparation in the Early Childhood Education and Care context.

Introduction to Business Planning

Time: 3 Hours

A business plan is a picture of where you are now, where you are going and how you intend to get there.

In this training for Owners, Management Committees, Directors and Administrators, we will give you the tools to develop a strategic business plan to enhance the growth and sustainability of your service through detailed analysis and by identifying short and longer term goals.

Introduction to the NQF

Time: 3 Hours

The National Quality Framework (NQF) seeks to improve outcomes for children through legal obligations for all education and care services to:

  • ensure children’s safety, health and wellbeing (compliance requirements)
  • engage in quality improvement by Working Towards, Meeting and, in turn, Exceeding the National Quality Standard (quality improvement requirements).

The objectives and principles of the NQF should underpin your service’s strategic planning objectives, policy development and quality improvement processes. Everyone who works with young children need to understand, and is responsible for using, the Framework.

Self Assessment

and the QIP

Time: 3 Hours

The National Quality Standard is the standard against which services self-assess their performance in delivering quality education and care and plan future improvements. In this session we will have a discussion around how to proceed, what to think about, where to start and how to document the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). We will look at current practices using a reflective thinking approach and transform self-assessment outcomes into quality improvement strategies for inclusion in the service QIP.

Governance Roles and Responsibilities

Time: 3 Hours

In this 3 hour session you and your management team will gain an overview of the legal, financial and employment responsibilities in children’s services, including both community and corporate governance.

Designed for Owners, Management Committees and Directors, the session will explore the roles and responsibilities of the management team and the relationship between the different members, and consider various case studies and scenarios.

Introduction to Employment Responsibilities

Time: 3 Hours

Explore the intricacies of employment legislation including employer and employee rights and responsibilities, Modern Awards and dealing with work performance issues.