Thrive at Work: Wellbeing Workshop

Leading wellbeing in your Early Childhood service.

Your invitation to a special workshop.

CCSA, in collaboration with researchers from Charles Sturt and Macquarie Universities, is presenting an online workshop package exploring wellbeing in the context of early childhood. Focusing on educators, we will go beyond Work Health and Safety, to look at what physical and psychological wellbeing in the workplace really looks like, and consider how leaders can influence better outcomes through their interactions, support and advocacy.

Presented over 2 sessions, the live webinars will be interactive to allow sharing and collaboration, and participants will be provided with tools and templates to support reflection, self-assessment and planning for the future.

Participants will gain a holistic understanding of wellbeing and responsibilities for educators and teachers wellbeing, as well as educators and leaders roles in supporting it.

The Program


Email Survey 1: Provide some information about your current situation with tools and pre-workshop activities for you to complete.

– Thursday 22 October 2020 – 10.00am to 1.00pm
Topic 1: Background
  • What is Early Childhood educator well-being and why does it matter?
  • What are the connections between educators’ and children’s well-being?
  • Who is responsible for wellbeing?
Topic 2: Physical wellbeing
  • What do we know about the physical health of educators?
  • What workplace factors impact on educators’ physical health?
  • Individual responsibilities for monitoring and maintaining physical health.
Topic 3: Psychological wellbeing
  • What do we know about the psychological health of educators?
  • Burnout. Bullying. Harassment.
  • Individual responsibilities for creating psychologically/emotionally safe and satisfying workspaces.

Email Survey 2: Reading and support materials for you to assess your workplace wellbeing.

– Thursday 26 November – 1.00pm to 4.00pm


Overview and review of workshop survey answers.

Topic 4: Leadership for wellbeing
  • What is the leader’s role in supporting educator wellbeing in the service?
  • How can leaders assess wellbeing and advocate for change?
Topic 5: Assessing wellbeing and developing a plan
  • Prioritising and planning for change in your service
Topic 6: Sustaining and advocating for educator wellbeing
  • Locating and choosing resources to support your plans
  • Advocating for wellbeing at a community and socio-political level – how to get proactive!

All participants will be issued with a certificate on completion of the course. 

The Presenters

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This is a unique opportunity for Educators to work with experts in this field to improve their wellbeing and also for your entire team.