Governance and Compliance – Workshops and Webinars

This project has been developed into an online format due to COVID-19.

It is now a series of three video presentations and two interactive online workshops, followed by two topic specific webinars.

To continue with your learning, there are also four short educational videos for you to share with your committee.

There is also a series of downloadable resources for you to use at your service.

Video Presentations, Workshops and Webinars

Pre-recorded video presentations followed by live interactive Webex workshops that support the information in the videos, and webinars with the opportunity to ask questions through the Slido app.

Video Presentations
You need to register for only the 5th August video presentation, but should attend all 3 presentations.

Interactive Workshops
You will be asked to register your choice of workshops when registering for the video presentations.

Webinars with Slido Questions
You will also be asked to register your choice of webinars when registering to the video presentations. Webinar topics are:

  • Department of Education funding agreement compliance & reporting requirements, and
  • Extended financial compliance and reporting requirements
5th August 2020  – 12:00
(45 mins) 

Session 1:

Presented by John Gunn CCSA

Topics to be covered in this presentation are:

  • What is Governance?
  • Governance Standards
  • Governance in a Community Management model
  • Governance in the Early Childhood Context
  • Governing Documents
11th August 2020  – 12:00
(45 mins)

Session 2:
Committee Management 

Presented by John Gunn CCSA

Topics to be covered in this presentation are:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Management Committee/Members
  • Skill sets required for a Management Committee
  • Relationship between the Management Committee and the Service Director
  • Effective Management Committee Processes


20th August 2020 – 12:00
(45 mins)

Session 3:
Leadership Development in Community Management 

Presented by Ian Alchin CCSA

Topics to be covered in this presentation are:

  • Benefits of the Community Managed Structure to the Community
  • Community Preschool as Social Enterprise
  • Benefits to the Broader Community

When registering for the video presentations, you will be required to select your interactive workshop times. These sessions have a maximum of 40 participants for each. More dates will be scheduled if they are fully booked. Workshops will be held on 11th, 13th and 20th August.

You will also be asked to select your webinar times. Webinars will be held on 27th August and 1st, 8th and 17th September.

“Lunchbox” Series

10 minute online videos available on the CCSA website for you to watch and share with your committee members. You do not need to register for these. If you have attended the video sessions and workshops you will be notified by email when the series is live.

Recruiting & Retaining Committee Members

Launch 25 August 2020

Induction and Orientation of Committee Members

Launch 2 September 2020

Succession Planning & Audit Skills

Launch 10 September

Recognising & Enhancing Committee/Director Leadership

Launch 15 September

This series has been provided by the Department of Education as part of the Early Childhood Education Sector Development Program.