Business Planning Masterclass

Business Planning Masterclass

CCSA presented two Business Planning Masterclasses in November 2017.
The workshop outline is below. If you are interested in attending a Business Planning Masterclass in the future, please contact us.


Where are you headed and how are you getting there?

Every business needs a clear plan that guides everyone and keeps things on track. An effective business plan helps people to engage with your centre’s goals and direction, guiding day-to-day decision-making and the evaluation of progress.

CCSA has been successfully developing business plans with early childhood services for many years and has applied this expertise to support services through organisational change as a result of market and funding changes, and changes in the broader early childhood system. The presence of a business plan is also being required more often for funding and grant applications.

This Masterclass will give you the tools to develop a business plan to enhance the growth and sustainability of your service through enabling you to-

  • source reliable and up-to-date information from which to plan,
  • create an accurate picture of your operating environment,
  • develop specific goals and appropriate strategies to achieve them,
  • develop ways to evaluate your progress and results and
  • document and communicate your plan.

The session is aimed at Directors, Committee members, service owners and other operators. It is in-depth, collaborative and practical with benefit to those new to the role or those who have not previously had an opportunity to develop these skills, and those who would like to refresh and update. It includes examples of templates and formats to assist to develop and manage an effective business plan.

If you can manage an early childhood service, you can learn how to develop a business plan. To get the most from this session, bring a group of people from your service and work together. Don’t miss this opportunity to set a clear course for the future.