Media Release – Early Childhood Education Workforce Strategy

GREAT NEWS FOR OUR SECTOR. CCSA supports Early Education Workforce Strategy as qualified service provider.

Today the NSW Department of Education launched the Early Childhood Education Workforce Strategy 2018 – 2022. CCSA is a qualified provider for the Early Childhood Sector across NSW and we welcome this important and exciting Government initiative. The strategy has four key focus areas;

  1. Recruitment:
    Promotion of early educator and teachers as a critical part of a child’s education journey and the promotion of early childhood education as an exciting career path
  2. Education Support:
    Supporting the current workforce in obtaining any qualifications they need to prepare them for the workforce
  3. Ongoing Professional Development:
    Building educators skills by supporting them with professional development
  4. Building Sustainable Businesses:
    Supporting services to champion sustainable business practice that will create a stable workforce and reduce staff turnover.

Meg Mendham, CEO of CCSA says, “We welcome the announcement of this important strategy. We have been advocating for better professional development opportunities and improved business practices for our sector for many years. The strategy is underpinned with information and data from CCSA that we have gained over our many years. This policy is a significant step in the right direction and CCSA is so pleased that the government priority is to support the recruitment, retention, and sustainability of early childhood services and their staff.”

“By empowering and inspiring the sector, the benefits to children will be higher quality services that taught by well-educated and engaged teams – we are excited to be a part of this strategy.”

About CCSA (Community Connections Solutions Australia)

For nearly 50 years CCSA has been working with early education and care services. Our focus is supporting each service to reach their full potential. We provide training and business support services. Our proven track record makes us the lead provider in training, leadership and business support such as Financial Systems and daily process.

Our purpose is to partner with and advocate for early childhood education and care services to ensure positive outcomes for children and communities.

CCSA members represent the full range of service types including preschools, long day care, occasional care, multipurpose centres, mobiles, family day care, out of school hours care, early intervention, and outreach services. We support community based and private services located in rural, remote, regional, and metropolitan areas.

Media Contact: Michelle Moore, 02 4782 1470 or 0411 256 683 or





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