CCSA Welcomes Drought Relief Payments for Community and Mobile Preschools

Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Early Childhood Education Sarah Mitchell today announced a new $3 million package which can be used to reduce fees, allow more flexibility with travel arrangements and future-proof services so they are more resilient and better equipped to cope when challenging circumstances arise.

CCSA welcomes this initiative and the additional funding it provides. We have been a strong advocate and representative voice for rural and remote early childhood education and care services for nearly 50 years. “We understand the difficulties services and families are facing during this drought, and it is important to ensure that children can continue to access an early childhood education during these tough times’’ said Meg Mendham, CEO.

In CCSA’s recent Drought Survey, our members in drought impacted areas indicated that more than 80% of their families are currently facing financial hardship as a direct result of the drought. Families are finding fee payment and long-distance travel costs to services are impacting them most severely. This package will help address these difficulties. “CCSA has been in discussions for some time advocating for this assistance, and are pleased to see the critical role of early childhood education to rural and remote families being recognised’’ said Meg Mendham, CEO.

Funding will be allocated to community preschools and mobile children’s services based on their enrolment numbers and location, and will be scaled according to the level of drought intensity. More information will be available soon.

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