2019 Budget at a glance …

2019 Budget at a glance …

The Morrison Government has announced it will support an extra 15 hours of preschool each week, or 600 hours per year. $453 million will be available over two years from 2019-20 to extend the provision of 15 hours of preschool through to the end of 2020, including $1.4 million to develop strategies to increase preschool
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Federal Election Campaign – Get Involved!

CCSA is pleased to see so much attention on the early childhood sector in the run-up to both the NSW and Federal elections, and applaud that all sides of government are thinking about how to achieve better outcomes for children.

While the focus is on our sector, we can’t miss the opportunity to be heard!

As a sponsor of Early Learning: Everyone Benefits, we are supporting the Everyone Benefits Federal Election Campaign.

The Campaign was officially launched with theis Media Release quoting CCSA CEO Meg Mendham saying “We want to see policies and funding that commits to the provision of quality education for all children, including those in rural and remote locations and Aboriginal communities. We need Government policies and funding committed to increasing quality and improving access.”

While CCSA continues to advocate strongly for our membership and the sector as a whole, as individual services you can have the greatest impact in your local areas.

Follow these steps to have your say:

  1. Read and share this Political Briefing
  2. Find your local Member of Parliament or candidate
  3. Send them an email and ask them to complete a candidate survey
  4. Invite them to visit your service
  5. Share this information with your educators, and encourage them to get involved too
  6. Include this in your newsletters


Our best chance to convince the major parties to prioritise support for the early years is to raise strong voices as a united sector – join us in supporting this campaign.

CCSA at the ECA National Conference

Congratulations to ECA on presenting such an engaging, inspirational and professional conference last week. CCSA had a strong presence and it was great to see our members come and visit us at our stand.

For those of you who couldn’t make it go here for an overview of the key messages and insights.

Media Release – Early Childhood Education Workforce Strategy

GREAT NEWS FOR OUR SECTOR. CCSA supports Early Education Workforce Strategy as qualified service provider.

Today the NSW Department of Education launched the Early Childhood Education Workforce Strategy 2018 – 2022. CCSA is a qualified provider for the Early Childhood Sector across NSW and we welcome this important and exciting Government initiative. The strategy has four key focus areas; (more…)

Changes to our phone system

Improved member access

Shortly we’ll be introducing an automated phone answering system to connect you with the right CCSA person faster. We know that members value speaking directly with our staff, so the changes are designed to connect you to the right person simply and quickly.

From 10 August, when you call us an automated system will give you 4 options to be connected directly to our Member Support team, Business Solutions team, the Training and Development team or to reception for all other enquiries.

We know an automated system is a first for CCSA, but we’re confident this will streamline access to the information you need. You’ll still be able to speak with reception at any time just by dialling 1 and you’ll be able to connect directly with the team you need at any time by dialling 2 for Member Support, 3 for Business Solutions or 4 for Training and Development. You won’t even have to wait for the menu options to finish once you know the option for each team – it’s that simple.

The new system will be used for both the 1800 991 602 and 02 4782 1470 numbers.

You can download a guide here.


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