Welcoming a new committee or staff?

Do you need expert support today?

For nearly 50 years, CCSA has specialised in best practice in leadership, governance, management, compliance, business support and workplace relations. Our sole purpose is to support the improved management of services like yours, so you can focus on providing great care and education to children. With hundreds of services accessing our expertise daily, why should you miss out?  (more…)

Your staff are your most important asset

The most important asset for any Early Childhood Service are its staff, yet most ECEC services aren’t expert in managing staffing changes and the regulatory requirements around recruiting, employing, managing and retaining employees Mistakes can be costly, time consuming and distracting. CCSA’s Industrial Relations Workshops can provide you with the knowledge, tools and support you need to meet your employment obligations. (more…)

Are my casual employees really casual?

Sometimes employees are genuinely employed as casuals to fill a short term vacancy, but go on to work regular and systemic hours without having the position formalised and reclassified. It may also be the case that an employee originally employed as a casual has actually become a temporary or even a permanent employee.

Most awards and agreements contain a definition for casual employees. It is always a good idea to check that your regular staff are classified correctly, including administration and cleaning staff, remembering that it is not an employee’s choice whether they are classified as casual. CCSA’ Member Support team explains here. (more…)

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