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The lucky winner of 51% off their next CCSA membership is Killarney Vale Preschool.
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The lucky winner of 51% off their next CCSA membership is Trinity Preschool Orange.
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Bambini Boutique Childcare

The centre I first worked at in 1986 was a member of CCSA. CCSA has had a strong reputation over the years for being an advocate for Children’s Services.

We would find it a struggle to stay up to date without you.


Braidwood Preschool Assoc

CCSA means to me, and my service, Connection and Support.

I have been the Director of Braidwood Preschool since 1983. During this time, our membership to (CPA) CCSA has meant that instead of being a standalone service, in a small town, Braidwood Preschool and I have been connected to information, support and other members.

For me, the Annual Conferences were a highlight of my year. (I think have attended at least 14!) Early in my career, there was very little professional development available, so going to the CCSA Conference and hearing great speakers, many of whom have shaped my teaching, (eg Joy Lubawy, Louise Porter, Stuart Shanker, Gary and Carol Crees, Maggie Dent) was very valuable. The Conference also provided me with motivation, and networking. And the dinners were fabulous (probably lucky there are no photos!!)
Years ago, the Regional meetings of CCSA were also a great source of information, ideas and support.

Congratulations CCSA on your 50th birthday, and thank you for being such an important part Early Childhood Education!


Glen Innes Preshool

Happy Birthday CCSA!

Glen Innes Pre-school, has had a long history with the CCSA and the two organisations continue to prosper, each with the support of the other.

And just as the CCCSA grows and develops with its 50th anniversary to celebrate , so it has done to encourage the staff of the Glen Innes Pre-school.

In 1986, CCSA held its regional meetings in different areas of the state to encourage member services­ both staff and committee to come together and listen to CCSA leaders and YACS representatives, much like the Rural and Remote Forum we have now.

The photos attached show educators from the New England region at the meeting ,hosted by Peter Pan Pre-school (changed to Glen Innes Pre-school in 1988) and joined by regional representatives from CCSA and YACS.

And Meg Liston and Robyn Cartwright are still employed by the Pre-school and work/learn with CCSA.


Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool

Our preschool has been a member of CCSA for as long as I have been employed here. But it was when I became director of our centre that I truly understood the worth of being a member. The team are always professional and understanding no matter how trivial the enquiry may seem to the enquirer. I felt I was always phoning the “help line” – to the point where I sent a thank you card to the team.

God bless CCSA. They are such a valuable resource the new Directors, Board Members and Treasurers giving us all a one stop shop for information.


Jesmond Community Preschool

CCSA has help me take on the role as a Director. There hotline is on speed dial at our work and half the staff know who I am without even saying- see that’s family!! They have supported me to be the Director that I am today. No question is too small or too difficult and they always know how to fix any problem. They are an amazing company and my preschool and me would be lost without them!!


Jumping Jacks Community Preschool Inc

Jumping Jacks is a small service catering to the needs of our local community. We have a lot of returning siblings and wish to see our service grow and go above and beyond for families. Since I came on board as the acting director Mark and Anja have been a source of gold for me. I have been able to ring and ask all sorts of crazy questions and sometimes many times over until I’m clear. They are clear and knowledgeable with the information required for our industry and get a sense of relief when my thoughts and ideas are clarified! I wish them all the best for the future success of CCSA.


Kaleen Cubby House

Kaleen Cubby House was lucky enough to win a CCSA yearly membership from the 2018 Early Childhood Australia conference. Whilst we have only been members for a year, we are looking ahead to how we can continue to broaden the range of services we use in particular the business solutions packages. Happy 50th birthday CCSA!


Kidsnest Crows Nest

Member Support has been a life saving support for me as my first time in a director role. Mark and Kate (who help me out the most) are really committed to getting down to the ground level of a problem and always get back to me with answers.

They help with legislation support, changes with the ACECQA this year and many, many other queries. I would be lost without their help and knowledge in the field.

Thank you guys, you’re simply the best! 🙂


Tots on Temoin

Mem Fox at the Early Childhood Conference last year. I have loved Mem Fox ever since I was a young child and meeting her was amazing. I was starstruck!! Thanks CCSA for making a dream come true!


Toukley Preschool Kindergarten Inc

I came into the Director role at Toukley Preschool 5 years ago. In my hand over I was informed that CCSA was my contact for support. Over the years I have had nothing short of amazing support and guidance from all the professional staff at CCSA. I know that I am more confident in my position because of CCSA and I look forward to continuing our wonderful relationship in the years to come.


Trinity Preschool Orange

I have been privileged to have been associated with the CCSA for over 20 years, as a preschool director in Mudgee and Orange, and CCSA Board member for six years from 2002 to June 2008. My work with such dedicated Presidents as Neville Dwyer and Tracey Simpson, in particular, as well as other Board members, Anthony Body and Jan Langtry, was characterised by sound governance principles. Always ready and able to answer the tricky questions around Long Service Leave and Employment Agreements (in particular), I have relied on the expertise of the CCSA professionals. I congratulate you all on 50 years of excellence and advocacy for children, families, management and staff of children’s services in NSW.


Young Preschool

Young preschool has been members of CCSA 10 or more years. During that time we have been very fortunate to have fantastic support from Business Solutions as well as the benefits which come from being members. To provide quality education and care in community based settings is very challenging and having this support frees up the team to work with the children and families and educators consistently and fairly. Our payroll is taken care of, we have professional advice around leave entitlements, job descriptions, and other messy complexities that come from a big team working together harmoniously.

We participated in very valuable training this year at our service around governance this was very good for our committee and clerical. Our phone calls to CCSA are always positive, we feel our service is valued and any questions that cant be answered that day, someone usually calls within three days. CCSA is up to date with every thing happening in the early childhood sector and having their support is sometimes like a life line. Funding models change the day after all figures have been put into budgets fee settings and calculators, the CCSA team understand the frustrations around this and assist with future planning to remain sustainable and profitable. Thank you.