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We give you the confidence and assurance that you are meeting your payroll and bookkeeping obligations.

Benefits of Business Solutions


Focus on your core business
If you outsource your payroll and bookkeeping to CCSA Business Solutions, you can focus on the essentials - delivering quality early childhood education and care.


Improve budgeting
Proper budgeting is essential to running your service. A well-prepared budget will tell you how to spend properly, where to invest, how to increase revenue and help prepare for the future.


No need to worry about absent staff
What happens when your administrator is sick or takes emergency leave and the pay needs to be processed or the budget urgently needs to be completed? Eventually, what happens if they take extended leave and you need to replace them? If you outsource to CCSA Business Solutions, you won't have to worry about absent staffing or urgent budget issues because we will have it covered.


Reduce expenses
With CCSA Business Solutions you are paying for results delivered efficiently. We have the skills, experience and resources to manage your payroll and bookkeeping in a fraction of the time it would take non-specialist staff to handle them.


Peace of mind
We are specialists in payroll and bookkeeping for the early childhood education and care sector. You can be assured we are current with pay rates and awards, legislation, compliance and regulations. To stay fully abreast of these areas can often be challenging.

What our members say

Margaret Hammersley from The Kindergarten talks about CCSA Business Solutions

Payroll and bookkeeping packages
There are five payroll and bookkeeping packages to choose from, depending on your requirements.
For more information download the payroll and bookkkeeping packages here >
For more information download the Business Solutions Brochure >




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